I kind of gulped at that point and my heart got a fluttery feeling

I kind of gulped at that point and my heart got a fluttery feeling. Hell, I think I might have had a tear in my eye. “Austin, I’m sorry about the other day, and I still feel bad for what my brother did. I know you played it off as fine, but you have not come over for days and I know that is why.” His voice was trembling a little bit, and I was not used to hearing that kind of emotion from a boy. “Austin, I, ummm… I love you and I’m sorry. I promise to protect you.” He was looking away now trying to hide his emotion a bit more. The music was just background noise at this point, and all I could hear was my own heart beating out of my chest. I didn’t say a word, I just put my hand over his and squeezed it. He looked my way, and I gave him the cutest smile I could show. I leaned over, and kissed him so deep yet gentle I still think I have yet to ever accomplish such szukasz sex telefon tani? a perfect kiss again. Instantly, we both were transported to a week or so before and our first night.

I could see some joggers in the distance, and motioned to Matt that we should get riding again. With a new found bounce in his step, he jumped on the bike and I followed. He turned into a section of the park that has miles of wooden paths through very dense vegetation. The sound of the bikes on the boards was cool, and the constant vibration was feeling good too. He locked up his back brake, and skidded into a break in the vegetation which lead to an area you could BBQ if you wanted. He ditched the bike on the ground, and took the pack off his bike and threw me a water. I quickly drank it, and before I could catch a breath he came up and kiss me szukasz sex telefony?.

We feel to the ground, and he was attacking me with all the passion he could muster up. His hand went down my shorts and grabbed my rock hard cock. He wasted no time to take it out, and kiss all the way down my tummy until his mouth was over my cock. Holy shit it felt good, maybe the best ever. I could not help but pump my hips a little bit, and within 2 minutes I was having an earth shaking orgasm. “Fuck dude, that was awesome!” was all I could manage to say. He was kneeling down, and I got to my knees and tackled him to his back. I gave him another deep kiss, and could taste the salt on his tongue. His dick was poking me through his shorts and I could feel the heat.

I wasted no time either in gobbling up his dick. I sucked him with more fury than I had before and he was moaning loud and not even worrying about anyone who could be walking along and hearing sounds from the brush. I got all the spit I could and left it on his dick, and quickly crawled up higher and put my little butt hole to him. “Dude, no! I don’t want to hurt you.” “Matt, I trust you and love you. I want you to fuck me more than anything.” With that, I slide his head in and slowly lowered myself onto his hot and hard dick.
I sat there for a moment, and could feel his pulse through my tight and soft insides. He was just staring into my eyes with a smile from ear to ear. I slowly started to rock my hips a little. He closed his eyes and I could barely hear soft whimpers and moans over the distant waves. I picked up my pace, and started to raise and lower my little butt over his dick. I would get to where his head was almost popping out, and then quickly sit back down. It felt simply amazing.

I found a rhythm darmowe sex oferty I liked after a minute or so, and he spit into his hand and grabbed my swollen cock and slide and twisted his hand. I could not take it, and started to cum almost immediately. I could feel my tight ass squeeze his dick with each contraction, and then saw his face tense up and all he got out was, “I’m gonna….” I felt pump after pump until he finally closed his eyes and just laid there in bliss. I slide off his dick, and lay down next to him.

I opened my eyes in a bit of a daze as I heard voices in the distance getting closer. I looked at my watch and realized he both feel asleep in the shade of the brush for a good hour. Now here we were, butt naked laying in the sand next to the BBQ. I elbowed Matt and whispered, “Get dressed dude!” I got my pants on and picked up the bike pack and did my best to get the sand out of my hair as the voices got closer. Just then, on the path appears a family. I turn in horror to Matt who is just pulling up his pants. “Ohhhh, you need to use this BBQ?” I said in a cracking voice and trying to look innocent. From behind, Matt slaps my butt and says, “Come on sexy, let’s hit the trail.” I choked and was as red as a lobster and quickly walked my bike past them while looking down.